We are a local Melbourne business focused on providing Australians with a homegrown and handmade get up and go breakfast cereal.

We have a point of difference by way of our story, our simplicity and our sass, and believe we are the new player providing a fresh take on perhaps a slightly overcooked market.

Our story starts in the ‘burbs of Melbourne. As a dynamic duo of an accountant/footballer and interior designer, we believe we are the perfect combination of beauty, brains and brawn, We believe that a good day starts with a good morning, and that includes a nutritious meal to get you going. Clean food is the most vital ingredient to maintaining good health, and provides the right energy to support an active lifestyle. We want to bring all of our skills into the one industry to create a beautiful mixture jam packed with wholefoods, to provide every Australian with an opportunity to get the most out of each day. We are centred around the value of eating wholesome foods, and want to share our philosophy around. Why should we have all the fun? Whilst we are starting off local, we one day hope to expand our horizons to Australia and beyond.

We are devoted to using simple and high quality ingredients, and believe the bare essentials are best served from the ground up. All of our ingredients are 100% sourced in Australia from 60% Australian products; we are all the good without any of the bad. We have been told by some of the wonderful health experts that from a nutritional point of view, our macronutrients look pretty spot on! Our nutrition panel is very balanced, and the nuts and seeds contain a healthy amount of fats and fibre which makes our granola low GI i.e slow releasing carbs (Yes, we think it is pretty amazing too!)

Our sassy personality may be a little left field, but we are definitely taking you in the right direction, as we not only bring a nutritious brekkie to the table, but we also bring the LOLs. To add to our playful humour, our recipe is so delicious and addictive that you’ll want to be on our team after the first spoonful.

This is the new breakfast player on the field, and we believe it is a breakfast worth getting out of bed for. Our end game is your end game.